Nimmo Land

You are now in Nimmo Land. Please feel free to look around and have a good time. We're always open, so feel free to stay as long as you like.

The Gallery The Gallery where all the images of Justin are kept. There are images here from Power Rangers in Space and any other place that displays Justin. All images in The Gallery belong to the webmaster. They can be copied and used, but only with webmaster's permission and under his conditions.
about This section is all About Nimmo. It'll have information about Justin and answered questions. There will also be a place for people to submit questions that he might answer. Only questions deemed fit by the webmaster will be passed on to Justin.
Nimmo Board Nimmo Board is a message board -- hosted by Server -- for the discussion of Justin Nimmo and other Nimmo Land topics and updates. Fell free to drop by and say hello. You never know who might drop by.
Nimmo Chat Nimmo Chat is a place where people can get together in real time and talk about Justin, Power Rangers in Space, or whatever they like. It's open to everyone who would care to come by, so if you've got the time we'd like to meet you.
links1 Leaving so soon? Well, there are a lot of great pplaces to goto in Silver Links. There are other Justin Nimmo pages, Power Ranger pages, and sites that without Nimmo land wouldn't exsist. If you do have to go, Silver Links has some places you might like.
korner Katie's Korner is a part of Nimmo Land reserved for the biggest Justin Nimmo fan out there. In here you'll find her take and tidbits of Mr. Nimmo.

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